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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Melayu Punya Style

Ini sedutan dari sebuah page Public Figure yang selalu terlibat dengan kerja kerja kebajikan.Lihat bagaimana respond dan perspektif Melayu terhadap nasib orang orang miskin dan anak anak fakir . Terimakasih kepada penyumbang mesej.

Sorry if this hurts you.
I was at Yayasan Chow Kit the other day and wrote about it.
Received a very proper but hurtful phone call.
"Mi, tu rumah untuk anak pelacur and scums of KL streets eh?"
-Well, not all but yes some are. Would you want to donate.
"No lah, just checking. Many more organisations that we could promote, these children are from you know unfortunate parents."
-Eh, these are kids lah, they are precious and amazing. I saw their art work. Simply needs some nudge. Maybe you can share your talent with them. Once a month aje.
"Eh, I think gelilah, the thought of these kids and where they come from, I might be uncomfortable. Buat fitnah aje. The kids ok ke"
-The kids are fine. These kids are just like your kids lah. Sama aje.
"Ermm Mi, are you calling my kids ni sama like them, as in anak-anak pelacur and scums?"

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